AppGatekeeper on Amazon fire

Recent Amazon fire tablets are based on Android 5.0 . So, AppGatekeeper should be able to run on them.

There are however two issues hindering:

  • Amazon fire does not come with Google Play
  • Amazon fire Settings ui hide the "Apps with usage access" screen. For explanation of usage access, see App Gatekeeper updated to version 1.1

There are already a lot of articles covering how to install Google Play on devices without it.

For reference, refer to How to install Google Play Store on Fire OS 5.X and Installing Google Framework Playstore 5th Gen Amazon Fire

There are basically 4 apk to install including Google Play:

  • GoogleLoginService.apk (Google Account Manager)
  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • (Google Play Services)
  • (Google Play Store)

Given that I have nexus 7 2012 and I have upgraded to Android 5.1 , I decide to obtain the apk files from nexus 7.

With root access to nexus 7, one can use adb pull as follow,

    adb pull /system/priv-app/GoogleLoginService/GoogleLoginService.apk .
adb pull /system/priv-app/GoogleServicesFramework/GoogleServicesFramework.apk .
adb pull /data/app/ .
mv base.apk
adb pull /data/app/ .
mv base.apk

The version of GoogleLoginService.apk and GoogleServicesFramework.apk on my nexus 7 matches the version listed on the above 1st reference page.

Version of Google Play services is 10.0.84
Version of Google Play is 7.8.16.P-all

Easiest way to install on fire tablets is to use: adb install

As I remember now, my initial installation does not work, as the Google Play app cannot be launched. However, when I install again on a later date, it suceeds, that is Google Play can run. (I have no idea what is the difference, could it be that I turn on wifi ??)

Download App Gatekeeper from Google Play and install.

From Amazon fire Settings ui, the "Apps with usage access" screen cannot be accessed. There is a normal app that can be used to access this screen. Refer to Use Activity Launcher to remove accounts, to grant, revoke usage access by xda user DragonFire1024 (Thanks!)

Download and install Activity Launcher from Google Play.

To enable usage access for AppGatekeeper (or any other apps that require the permission):

  1. Run Activity Launcher
  2. Select All activities (in navigation dropdown)
  3. Click on Settings activity to show all of its activities
  4. Click on Apps with usage access to access it
  5. Enable AppGatekeeper to access usage

Now, run AppGatekeeper and it will not prompt for user to enable usage access any more.

Tested on Fire 7, Fire HD 8 (7th gen).


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