Abandon becoming - Loka Sutta

From Loka Sutta: (Surveying) the World" Ud 3.10, translated by venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu. This sutta is in the Udana.

On one occasion, the Blessed One surveyed the world with the eye of an Awakened One. As he did so, he saw living beings burning with the many fevers and aflame with the many fires born of passion, aversion, & delusion.

Then, on realizing the significance of that, he on that occasion exclaimed:

This world is burning.
Afflicted by contact, it calls disease a 'self.'
By whatever means it construes [anything],
it becomes otherwise than that. Becoming otherwise,
the world is attached to becoming
afflicted by becoming
and yet delights in that very becoming.
Where there's delight, there is fear.
What one fears is stressful.
This holy life is lived for the abandoning of becoming.

For this stress comes into play
in dependence on every acquisition.
With the ending of every clinging/sustenance,
there's no stress coming into play.
Look at this world:
Beings, afflicted with thick ignorance,
are unreleased from passion for what has come to be.
All levels of becoming, anywhere, in any way,
are inconstant, stressful, subject to change.
Seeing this — as it's come to be
— with right discernment,
one abandons craving for becoming,
and doesn't delight in non-becoming.
From the total ending of craving
comes fading & cessation without remainder:
For the monk unbound
through lack of clinging/sustenance,
there's no further becoming.
He has conquered Māra, won the battle,
having gone beyond becomings :

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