27 Aquatic Lifeforms

From BountyFishing.

There are photos of Deep-sea glass squid, Snaggletooth, Axolotl, Mudskipper, Slander Lanternfish, Deep-sea stargazer, Giant Hatchetfish, Dumbo Octopus, Eelpout, Black-lip Rattail, Humpback Anglerfish, Coelacanth, Northern Seahorse, Longhorn Cowfish, Leafy Sea Dragon, Lumpfish, Atlantic Wolffish, Lionfish, Deep-Sea Lizardfish, Fangtooth Fish, Black Chimaera, Clown Triggerfish, Longlure Frogfish, Prehistoric Frilled Shark, Black Swallowe and Mantis Shrimp. (and Robot Fish)

Axolotl is cute looking. :)

I remember when I am young, back in my Malaysia hometown, we can see a lot of Mudskippers on the mud near stream.


Photo in the News: "Extinct" Coelacanth Hooked in Indonesia.

Rare "Prehistoric" Shark Photographed Alive.


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